Krc Bean Profile


Medium Roasts

Peruvian Cafe Del Toro

  • Cafe Del Torro (Coffee of Bull) is a smooth, yet complex medium roast. These Peruvian beans are shade grown, and offer a slightly low acidity.

Columbian Supremo

  • Columbian Supremo is one of the most marketed, and purchased coffees in North America. It and is an all-around great coffee, sure to satisfy most coffee Drinkers.

El Salvadorian Pacamara  (Seasonal)

  • This rare coffee is known as the strawberry of coffees, due to it's limited growing season and limited quantity. El Salvadorian beans have won numerous cupping competitions, and are widely considered the beans of Central America. With a great aroma, full body, and a high aftertaste, El Sal Pacamara is a roasters Favorite.

Java Jampit

  • Providing a more refined flavor than other Indonesian coffees, Java Jampit estate's subdued acidity and delicate chocolate notes add deminsion to this bright, clean, medium roast.

Honduran Capucas

  • This medium roast coffee has a pleasant moderate body, with hints of malt and bittersweet chocolate.

Ethiopian Sidamo

  • Unlike other Ethiopian coffee's, our Sidamo cups up with a lavishly floral sweetness ending in crisp chocolate notes. It's a very bright coffee with juicy acidity and a silky mouth feel.
  • A must try!

Swiss Water Peruvian Decaf

  • Roasted to perfection to a medium/dark for optimum taste. The decaffeination is done through the Swiss Water Process, and it's 100% chemical free. This is the best Swiss Water Decaf on the market.


Bold Roasts

Papua New Guinea

  • Known for its low-tone richness, its mellow flavor provides a bright clean taste. Like most Indonesian coffees it has a low acidity level. Clean, smooth, almost chocolate note. Provides a light caffeine buzz after a full cup.

Sumatra Blue Tawar

  • Sumatra is one of our fullest bodied coffees. It is delightfully smooth with a pleasant nutty aftertaste.

Burundi Sacred Drum

  • High Altitudes contribute to a more nuanced acidity that supports the intense body and sweetness that this coffee is famous for.

Antigua Guatemalan

  • Considered by many coffee exports as one of the perfect coffee growing regions, our Antigua is grown on the mineral rich slopes of the still-active Fuego Volcanoes. This exceptional coffee is clean, bright, and aromatic.

Kenya Muranaga

  • Potent sweetness with a distinct winey richness. For a dark roast, it has a clean, crisp taste with a great aroma.

Malabar Monsoon

  • The harvested beans are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for a period of about three to four months, causing the beans to swell and lose their original acidity. This process results in a smooth, heavy bodied coffee with a pungent aroma, and chocolaty notes.

Brazilian Cafe Tristao

  • This coffee is slightly different, due to the fact that it is grown on shade less, non-volcanic soils with low altitudes. However, using a unique process called "natural pulping" it does not lose any flavor. This coffee has an uncommonly clean, bright taste considering the darkness of the roast.

Mexican Xalapa Estate

  • Mexico is one of the largest producers of certified organic coffee. Grown just outside of the Capital city of Veracruz, this coffee is roasted with to a medium/dark. Producing a light body with a mild taste and delicate flavors.

Itailian Sweet Roast

  • A unique flavored coffee that is smooth, clean, with a sweet aftertaste, and a very sweet aroma for a dark roast coffee.

Extreme Roasts


  • Our Voodoo is a high octane blend for the Real Coffee Drinker that likes their coffee black, along with their teeth. This Columbian grown coffee is roasted within seconds of burning; making this the darkest brew we can offer.

French Classic

  • Our French Classic is as it sounds: a classic French style roast. While we use Colombian beans, our French is roasted and then roasted again to give it an exceptionally smooth taste.

Espresso Blends

Kootenay Gold Rush (3 bean blend)

  • This espresso is used in our specialty drinks; KGR is a 3 bean blend consisting of Brazilian, Sumatra, and Guatemalan. It's a great coffee with a full body, and great aftertaste.

Fisher Peak (4 Bean Blend)

  • An Italian style roast, our Fisher peak espresso blend is a mixture of Brazilian, Sumatra, Guatemalan, and Indiana Robusta. It has a silky body with sharp notes that give it an extra kick. It also has a higher Caffeine content than other espressos.

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